Boating Tips

1)  Always have enough life preservers in boat for everyone. Children require different life preservers than adults because of their center of gravity.

2)  Federal law requires boats 16' or longer (except canoes & kayaks) to carry a throwable Type IV flotation cushion.

3)  Stay at least 200 feet from piers while boating.

4)  Boats pulling water skiers require 100' corridor on each side of the boat for safe operation.

5)  Never ski after dark.

6)  Never ski while under the influence of alcohol, or other intoxicants. About 50% of all boating accidents involve drinking.

7)  Yearly, at least 800 people in the U.S. die in boating accidents; 80% from drowning.

8)  Before water skiing, agree to a simple set of hand signals with boat driver.

9)  Never retrieve a water skier with engine running.

10)  An observer to watch water skiers is required while water skiing. The driver cannot watch in both directions at once.

11)  Avoid churning up weeds in shallower areas.

12)  Minimize use of high-speed water skiing boats as it churns up sediment which acts as a fertilizer for weeds.

13)  Be watchful of floating logs and other hazards. If possible, help out the lake and other boaters by snaring the floaters and drag them to shore before someone or their boat gets in trouble.

14)  Be watchful of other boaters. Offer help if you sense trouble.