Horsehead Lake remained relatively undeveloped for many years. Without an inlet, only precipitation and springs regulated the water depth. Consequently, enjoyment of the lake was limited with such drastic rise of water at various times of the year. Landowners downstream, on Horsehead Creek, were inconvenienced often when excessive amounts of water poured out of Horsehead Lake and flooded property.

To remedy the great fluctuation of water, a group of landowners formed the Horsehead Lake Protection & Rehabilitation District #1 in 1976. Interestingly, our District was the first in the state. This group of pro-active owners, took advantage of a newly-passed Wisconsin Statute to apply for a grant with the hope of building a dam where the lake meets the creek. So, in 1976, with the help and approval of the Town of Lake Tomahawk, the dam was constructed that now stands on that site next to the public landing. Some of those charter members of the District and/or their family still reside on or near the lake.

Horsehead Lake is managed by the property owners of the District through their organization: Horsehead Lake Protection & Rehabilitation District #1. Policies, budgets, and all other management issues are discussed and voted on at the annual meeting in August. A total of five commissioners take care of lake business during the year; three are elected property owners. The other two commissioners are a single representative from the Lake Tomahawk Town Board and the other a representative from the Oneida County Board. The commissioners meet a total of four times during the year, including the annual meeting.

Historically, district members have shown their pride in the lake by actively protecting and improving the lake over time. Underway is an initiative to gain Wisconsin DNR funding grant for a lake study aimed at developing a long-range program of lake improvement.

All members of the District are encouraged to participate in the management and governing of the District. Toward that end, a newsletter is sent to each property owner several times a year. A picnic following the annual meeting is a chance for members to meet and socialize.