Weed Harvesting Update

7/20/2016 - Weed cutting has been canceled this year for the third consecutive year due to lower than expected weed growth. 

DNR Approved Weed Cut Zone - 2011

7/20/2011 - Cliff Schmidt completed 90 hours of weed cutting during the first week of August. He cut 46 acres, removing 74 loads (185 tons, including water) comprised mostly of Flat-stem pondweed. At our annual meeting, District residents voted to increase the "cut time" from 90 hours to 100 hours in 2012. Our lakes' State Trophic Index has shown improvement from "Eutrophic" to "Oligotrophic" and we attribute some of that to the weed cutting program initiated in 2001.
7/20/07 - Cliff Schmidt completed 40 hours of the weed cutting we had contracted for beginning on July 14th. There were few visible Elodea and Coontail weeds this year, a great difference from the past two years. He harvested weeds all along the east shore, channel between Kania and Delius Points, including the area between the Delius, Nemcek, and Lane residences. He also spent time in the south channel to the south dock, the south bay near eagle's nest, and the main bay off the north dock. Finding fewer weeds than last year, a decision was made to suspend harvesting at 40 hours. Since Cliff has some time left in August, he has agreed to return if the weed situation gets worse enough to resume cutting. In the meantime, we have 40 hours worth of weed cutting left in the 2007 budget, just in case. Close examination of our proposed 2008 budget will show another 80 hours of weed cutting in case we have tons of weeds next year. For whatever reason, this year we seem to have many fewer weeds than the past two years.

3/10/07 - Eighty hours of weed harvesting has been contracted for the third week in July. We are using the same contractor as we did in 2006 when we contracted for fifty-six hours of cutting.

7/25/06 - The final numbers are in on our weed harvesting. 81 loads (8,110 cubic yards), representing 405,000 - 485,000 lbs. of wet weeds were removed from the lake. That's a whopping 202-242 tons of weeds that won't collect in the lakes' biomass or float into our docks. Approximately 75% of the weeds were Coontail and 25% were Elodea; besides Curly-leaf Pondweed, no other invasive weeds were seen. That's very good news.

7/17/06 - Fifty-five hours of weed cutting has been completed resulting in a great deal more open water to enjoy. No more cutting has been scheduled for the current year, however, arrangements have been made to reserve 80 hours of harvesting during the 2nd week of July, 2007. This many hours, of course, will have to be discussed at the annual meeting before funding can be assured.

7/8/06 - Cliff Schmidt, our weed cutter, contacted us this week to say he will start 4 days of weed cutting (50 hours) on Thursday, July 13th. This is a few days sooner than our tentatively scheduled 3rd week in July.

4/18/06 - We have a signed contract with Schmidt's Landscaping (Cliff Schmidt) from Iola, WI for weed cutting during the 3rd week of July this year. Cliff is an experienced weed harvester with state of the art equipment. His cutter is 7' wide and his harvester will pull a barge to maximize his productivity on the water. The weeds will be transported to the Lake Tomahawk dump off Hwy. 47. His equipment, which includes a 15 yd. dump truck and shore elevator, allows him to cut an average of .55 acres an hour.